Why Is UV Protection Important in Sunglasses?

Why Is UV Protection Important in Sunglasses?

Why Is UV Protection Important in Sunglasses?

Why Is UV Protection Important in Sunglasses?

UV protection is added to lenses to block or filter harmful UV radiation. Prolonged exposure to the radiation emitted by the sun can harm the eyes. The rays may be direct or reflected off water, snow, or sand and may occur even on cloudy days. UV-protection sunglasses have a thin coating of UV-blocking material that helps protect the eyes. Find out why UV protection is essential in sunglasses. 



Types of Ultraviolet Radiation 


The types of ultraviolet radiation are UVA, UVB, and UVC. The ozone layer absorbs UVC, which makes its threat almost nonexistent. UVA and UVB can cause damage to the eyes and vision. 


While sunlight poses the most obvious danger, lasers, tanning beds, and welding machines can also emit harmful UV radiation. UV protective eyewear can prevent short and long-term eye damage. You can apply UV coating on glass or plastic lenses. 



Why Is UV Protection Important?


The eyes are sensitive organs that are susceptible to damage. UV protection blocks harmful rays, keeping them from reaching the eyes. Failing to wear sunglasses with UV protection can lead to eye sunburn. 


The problem is usually temporary but uncomfortable and causes the eyes to become puffy and red. You may also experience a gritty sensation. Long-term exposure to UV rays can increase the danger of developing eye conditions such as cataracts and macular degeneration. UV exposure can also lead to the development of growths and other eye complications.



How Much UV Protection Is Needed?


The best quality UV400 sunglasses offer 100% UVA and UVB protection. They also block between 75% and 90% of visible light for maximum protection. It is essential to know that dark tint does not signify UV protection. 


Many sunglasses with dark tints do more harm than good by allowing the eyes to remain wide. It exposes the eyes to more damage from radiation. Wearing wraparound UV sunglasses protects the eyes from radiation reaching the eyes from the sides. You can add UV coating to all lenses. 



Shopping for Sunglasses 


It is essential to realize that all sunglasses are not equal. Ensure you get good quality sunglasses for the best UV protection. UV protection can decrease over time, so you may need to replace your sunglasses after several years. 


Consider temple coverage and fit when buying sunglasses. The right style will provide additional protection, especially when exposed to direct sunlight. Good quality brand sunglasses tend to cost more than the drugstore varieties. 



Polarization vs. UV Protection 


While some companies promote polarization with UV protection, polarization is not the same thing as UV protection. Polarization is the ability of the lens to reduce glare and haze in bright sunlight. However, it does not protect the eyes from UV radiation. 


Most polarized sunglasses have UV blocking, but you should confirm this when shopping for sunglasses. Ensure that the lenses you buy have UV absorption qualities. The UV protective quality in sunglasses is not affected by cleaning or exposure to extreme sunlight. 


Remember to wear sunglasses every time you go outdoors. You can get UV coating for clear lenses if you require prescription eyeglasses. Besides increasing the risk of eye diseases, prolonged exposure to UV rays can damage the cornea and retina. 


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