What Is Computer Vision and How Is It Treated?

What Is Computer Vision and How Is It Treated?

What Is Computer Vision and How Is It Treated?

What Is Computer Vision and How Is It Treated?

Blurry vision is a sign of various eye issues, including computer vision syndrome. With the tremendous progress in technology over the years, computers have taken a prominent place in people’s lives. Yet, along with spending too much time on a digital screen come eye problems that need medical treatment. Learning about computer vision syndrome can help you know when you are experiencing it.


What Is Computer Vision Syndrome?


Computer vision syndrome also goes by the name digital eyestrain. It is a group of eye problems that result from using digital screens for long periods. Even if you use a digital screen for only two hours, you can experience this eye condition.

Studies show that computer vision syndrome affects 50 to 90 percent of people. The blue light from digital screens distresses your eyes as you try to maintain focus on your screen. With time, you will develop eyestrain and discomfort.


Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer vision syndrome has many symptoms. You may experience:


  • Blurry vision

  • Eyestrain and fatigue

  • Double vision

  • Headache

  • Neck or shoulder pain

  • Itchy, sore, or watery eyes

  • Dry eyes


Although these symptoms are mild, they can cause other eye issues if you do not address them. For one, you could have issues performing your work and other tasks. 


Treating Computer Vision Syndrome


Changes to your routine can treat your digital eyestrain and prevent other eye problems. Here is how to reduce eyestrain and protect your eyes from discomfort.


Change the Position of Your Computer


Your computer screen should sit about 28 inches away from your eyes. Sitting too close to the computer screen will make you more prone to eyestrain. Also, set your screen about four to five inches below the level of your eyes. That way, you will not have to stretch your neck to read what is on the screen.


Change Your Screen Settings


Adjust your screen’s brightness and contrast to what will work for you. Also, increase the font size so you will not have to strain your eyes to read text on your screen.


Reduce Glare


How is the lighting around you? Is it casting a glare on your screen? If that is the case, reduce the glare. You can do that by moving your screen away from bright lights or adding an anti-glare feature to your screen.


Blink Frequently

Blinking keeps your eyes from becoming dry. It spreads moisture all over your eyes, keeping them moist. If you do not blink regularly, your eyes will dry out and become irritated. If your eyes still feel dry, your eye doctor can prescribe lubricating eye drops.


Take Regular Breaks

Take a 15-minute break for every two hours you spend on your computer. Also, stick to the 20-20-20 rule. After every 20 minutes, look away from your device at something about 20 feet away for 20 seconds. That will help ease the strain on your eyes.


When to See Your Eye Doctor

If your symptoms do not improve with treatment, call your eye doctor. Computer vision syndrome should not take days to clear up. If you have persistent eyestrain, you could have an underlying condition. Your eye doctor will suggest treatments that can help control your symptoms.


For more on computer vision and how to treat it, contact 20/20 EyeVenue at our office in Westminster, Colorado. You can call (720) 740-0400 to book an appointment today.

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