How to Switch From Glasses to Contacts

How to Switch From Glasses to Contacts

How to Switch From Glasses to Contacts

How to Switch From Glasses to Contacts

People seeking an alternative to eyeglasses tend to get excited about switching to contact lenses. Sometimes, glasses can be a hassle. They fog up and do not give a natural look. You may also want a change and prefer wearing contact lenses. It is vital to note that the transition to contacts can be intimidating. Most people wearing them for the first time can experience apprehension.


Consult Your Eye Doctor

Anyone who wants to transition from eyeglasses to contacts must schedule an appointment with their eye doctor. Your specialist at 20/20 EyeVenue will examine your eyes to decide if contact lenses are the best option. They will also determine the suitable contact lenses for your needs.


Determine Suitable Contact Lenses for Your Needs

There are different types of contact lenses. They include extended-wear, monthly disposable, colored contacts, and daily disposable. Each type suits various needs and lifestyles. Your eye specialist can help you determine the ideal type for your lifestyle and individual needs.


Learn How to Handle and Insert Contact Lenses

Handling and inserting contact lenses are not as easy as many think. It requires care and gentleness. It is vital to get used to doing it before wearing them regularly. You will need practice. It may take some time to adjust, but you will learn to do it easily and quickly.


Do the Switch Gradually

Switching to contact lenses from eyeglasses requires one to start slowly. You can begin by wearing contact lenses for a few hours during the day. Doing so will help increase the time you wear the contacts daily. 

A gradual switch helps your eyes adapt to the sensation of wearing contact lenses. Doing so will help prevent irritation and discomfort. You can remove your contact lenses and take breaks if you feel uncomfortable or tired. It is crucial to allow your eyes to recover and rest.

Adjusting to contacts can take a few days or weeks. During this period, it is vital to keep your eyes hydrated. Use artificial tears or drink plenty of water to retain moisture in your eyes for comfort when wearing contact lenses.


Take Proper Care of Your Contact Lenses

It is crucial to ensure your eyes remain comfortable and healthy while you wear contacts. For that, you need to take proper care of your contacts. Clean and store them as the manufacturer instructs. Replace the lenses as directed. Do not touch your eyes or contact lenses with dirty hands. Unclean hands can lead to infection by introducing bacteria into your eyes.


Have a Backup Pair of Prescription Glasses

Contact lenses are comfortable and convenient once you get used to wearing them. However, it is rare for people to become uncomfortable during their first days of wearing contact lenses.

You may experience itching, dry eyes, or sensations of a foreign thing in your eyes. It is vital to have a pair of eyeglasses for backup if the discomfort persists or you cannot wear contacts for whatever reason. Speak to your eye doctor for a solution to solve the problem.

For more about switching to contacts, visit 20/20 EyeVenue in Westminster or Strasburg, Colorado. Call (720) 740-0400 to book an appointment today.

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