How Sports Lenses Can Improve Performance and Protect Eyes

How Sports Lenses Can Improve Performance and Protect Eyes

How Sports Lenses Can Improve Performance and Protect Eyes

How Sports Lenses Can Improve Performance and Protect Eyes

Athletes put a lot into their training to ensure they are in their best form to compete. They can take measures to maintain their training form throughout their performance. Sometimes, however, this can be difficult because of unpredictable environmental factors. To deal with these, athletes strive to find ways to adapt.

In the last one hundred years, several advancements in sports have gone to help athletes thrive in any environment. Some have resorted to streamlining and redesigning the shoe for better running. In terms of vision, recent advances have resulted in sports lenses that help improve vision and, consequently, performance.


Sports Vision Specialists


Before you get any sports lenses, you must identify why you need them and how they can help you. To do this, you must visit a sports vision specialist or an eye doctor with additional training to help athletes. When you visit one, they will ask for detailed information about your sports activities and vision. They will then perform a complete eye exam to determine your vision's state.


Sports Vision Tests


The specialist will usually perform the following tests:

  • A Visual Reaction Test

The specialist will use a unique device to project holographic 3D images to help them determine how well they react in real life.

  • Computerized Reaction Test

Using a specific computer, the eye doctor will measure how fast and effectively your eyes react.

  • Viewing Slides Through a Unique Device

This test measures visual acuity and your ability to recognize images.

  • In Field Measurements

Depending on your sport, the eye doctor may take specific measurements of your reactions in different situations. These tests are infield, so some specialists may decide to attend your games or training sessions to analyze your visual performance. Alternatively, they can use videos of your performance and study them in detail.


How Sports Vision Lenses Improve Performance and Vision

  • One of the most common utilities of sports lenses is minimizing glare from the sun. It allows you to react quickly in very bright conditions.

  • Sports lenses increase the contract in your vision to allow you to tell objects apart from their background. It is crucial in sports where balls move through the air, like hockey, golf, and baseball.

  • They help your eyes adapt faster when shifting from bright to darker environments.

  • They help protect your eyes from injury by contact or frying debris and UV exposure.


Sports Lenses for Different Sports


Different sports require different types of lenses to match their varying environments and demands. 

Basketball Glasses - These are sports goggles or wraparound glasses.

Cycling Glasses - These sunglasses have anti-scratch and antifog coatings.

Football Glasses - These lenses are shields on helmets. They are made from impact-resistant polycarbonate materials.

Golf Glasses - Because people play golf outside, these lenses are usually polarized sunglasses. These can transition from dark to light depending on the sun. 

Running Glasses - These lenses are like football glasses. They are made of impact-resistant polycarbonate that protects against debris and wind.

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