Choosing Frames That Fit Your Face Shape

Choosing Frames That Fit Your Face Shape

Choosing Frames That Fit Your Face Shape

Choosing Frames That Fit Your Face Shape

The ideal frames for your face shape help boost your confidence and style. It is always best to have a general idea of the shape of your face to help you start looking for frames. You are likely to have a square, heart, round, oval, triangle, or diamond face shape.

You can determine the shape of your face by looking at the length of your jawline, forehead width, and cheekbones. Read on to learn the various characteristics of the different face shapes and how to choose the ideal frames for them.


Square Face Shapes

Individuals with square faces have robust and broad jawlines with equally wide cheekbones. The jawlines have sharper angles than the other elements of the face. Thin, rounded frames that are broader than the cheekbones but proportional to your face width and length are ideal. 

Add contrast to your angular facial features with the round frames. You can also wear oval frames to balance and soften the face lines. Wearing colored frames also makes your eyes more appealing.


Heart Face Shape

Heart face shapes narrow down to the chin and are widest at the brow area. Face shapes of this type can either be round or long. The ideal frames are wide or winged out. 

You can add contrast and width with aviator frames. Oval or rectangular frames create a balance between your chin and forehead. 


Round Face Shape 

Round faces have smooth lines and soft curves. Their jaw up to their brows have similar widths. People with this face shape have rounded chins, full cheeks, and round faces. The ideal frames for round face shapes are those that add more definition. Pick angular, clean lines and bold ones.

You can add contrast to your face by choosing rectangular frames. Create a balance by adding distinct lines through geometric or angular eyewear. Browline or cat eye frames also make your eyes look more attractive due to their upswept design.


Oval Face Shape

People with oval-shaped faces have narrow chins and foreheads. The ideal frames for this type of face shape are those that add angles to the subtle curves to create a balance. Choose frames that are as wide as the broadest part of your face. Rectangular or square eyewear adds sharp angles to your facial features. Play around with angular contrast and shapes with geometric shape frames.


Triangle Face Shape

Triangular-faced shapes are narrower at the top and broader at the bottom. Frames with slimmer bottoms and wide tops add contrast and complement your facial features. You can mix angular and round shapes.

Choose browline frames to bring out the definition in your brow area. Aviators soften the cheekbones, and cat eyes make your eyes more appealing.


Diamond Face Shape

These face shapes have angular jaws and narrow chins and foreheads. It has full cheeks and an angular jawline with distinct cheekbones. Frames that give your face a soft contrast as they draw more attention to the eyes are ideal. 

Complement your diamond-shaped face with delicate lines and curved frames. Oval frames balance angular features. You can also draw attention to the brow area by wearing browline or cat-eye frames.

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